Partners in Population and Development Africa Regional Office

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PCC Contact:

Zimbabwe Flag
Dr. Stella Simela-Chiriva
Partner Country Coordinator (PCC) and Executive Director
Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council
P.O. Box ST 220, Southerton, Harare, Zimbabwe
Tel: (263-4) 620 281-5
Fax: (263-4) 661 748
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  image of PCC Zimbabwe


Workplan for Zimbabwe        
Progress Report 2008 to 2009

Background Information
Zimbabwe borders with South Africa, Zambia, Mocambique, Botswana and Namibia.

Key Health Indicators:

  • Population : 12 million
  • Life expectancy : 37 years
  • Crude Birth Rate per 1000 population : 30 
  • Youth population (under 15 years) : 23
  • Total Fertility Rate : 3.4
  • Rate of natural increase : 0.7%
  • Contraceptive Prevalence Rate : 60%
  • Unmet need for FP : 13%
  • MMR : 555/100 000
  • IFMR : 61/1000
  • Knowledge of FP in men 99%
  • For women 99.3%
  • Literacy Rate 98%

Strategy: Advocacy and Coalition Building
Objective: To increase awareness and support for RH among key policy and decision makers

Activity: Advocate and promote SRHR in the region
Increased knowledge appreciation and receptivity of SRHR among policy makers
Hold 8 clustered parliamentary meeting
Hold 1 national meeting
Develop, implement Gender sensitive policies to ensure universal access to FP
Attended a SADC Parliamentary Forum in Lesotho
FP guideline and protocols reviewed in 2007
Gender Desk Manual by trained staff

Objective 1.2: To strengthen linkages and strategic Partnerships with other international, national and civil society
1.2.2 :  Strengthen internal and external communication mechanisms (newsletters, website)
Communication system utilized
Develop ZNFPC website
Develop interlinking network within ZNFPC
Use of internet
Hold regular meetings with stake holders, partners

Strategy 2 :  Programme development and expansion
Objective 2.1.1: To enhance capacity of partner organizations to offer integrated SRHR programmes.
                          Share best practices and information.Number of harmonized plans
Capacitated members to link SRHR in related programming
Hold planning meetings
Number of harmonized plans
Number of integrated activities done
Amount of resources pooled together
Share best practices and information
Number of exchange visits
Number of meetings held

MOHCW- Ministry of Health and Child Welfare
SD- Service Delivery
IEC- Information, Education and Communication
TD- Training Director
FD- Finance Director
PSZ- Population Services Zimbabwe
JSI- John Snow International (USA)
PSI- Population Services International