PCC Meetings

2011 PCC Meeting in Dakar, Senegal

On 28 November 2011, PPD ARO hosted the third African Region Partner Country Coordinators (PCC) Meeting at Hotel L’Ocean in Dakar, Senegal.

A number of key documents from the meeting are available online by clicking on the links below:

Meeting Programme (English): http://ppdafrica.org/docs/PCC2011/programme-e.pdf

Meeting Programme (French): http://ppdafrica.org/docs/PCC2011/programme-f.pdf

Photographs: https://picasaweb.google.com/PPDAfricaRegionalOffice/PCC2011

List of Participants: http://ppdafrica.org/docs/PCC2011/px.pdf

Report (English): http://ppdafrica.org/docs/PCC2011/report-e.pdf

Policy Briefs: http://ppdafrica.org/index.php/en/programs/policydialog/policy-briefs

Session Two: Highlights on PPD ARO achievements, PPD Strategic Business Plan, and FP/RH Continental Frameworks in Africa

Mr. Patrick Mugirwa, Programe Officer, PPD ARO, “Highlights on PPD ARO Achievements”: http://ppdafrica.org/docs/PCC2011/mugirwa-AROachievements.pdf

Mr. Abdelylah Lakssir, International Programme Officer, PPD ARO, “Highlights on PPD Strategic Business Plan and Its Operationalisation within Member Countries”: http://ppdafrica.org/docs/PCC2011/lakssir-SBP.pdf

Mr. Abdelylah Lakssir, International Programme Officer, PPD ARO, “FP/RH African Continental Frameworks: Maputo Plan of Action and Abuja Declaration: Key Frameworks for the Achievement of the ICPD and MDG Goals”: http://ppdafrica.org/docs/PCC2011/lakssir-maputo-abuja.pdf

Session Three: Country Experiences on the Implementation of Maputo and Abuja, and National Task Forces (NTFs)

Presentations on Maputo, Abuja, and National Task Forces (NTFs) were made by Representatives of Member Countries:

Uganda: http://ppdafrica.org/docs/PCC2011/uganda.pdf
Tunisia: http://ppdafrica.org/docs/PCC2011/tunisia.pdf
Senegal: http://ppdafrica.org/docs/PCC2011/senegal.pdf
Morocco: http://ppdafrica.org/docs/PCC2011/morocco.pdf
Mali: http://ppdafrica.org/docs/PCC2011/mali.pdf
Ghana: http://ppdafrica.org/docs/PCC2011/ghana.pdf
Gambia: http://ppdafrica.org/docs/PCC2011/gambia.pdf
Egypt (Population Programme Achievements): http://ppdafrica.org/docs/PCC2011/egypt-pop.pdf
Egypt (National Task Force): http://ppdafrica.org/docs/PCC2011/egypt-ntf.pdf
Benin: http://ppdafrica.org/docs/PCC2011/benin.pdf

2008 PCC Meeting in Kampala, Uganda

The second annual PCC meeting for the Africa Region was held 23-27 September 2008 also in Kampala, Uganda. Similar to the 2008 meeting, participation by Partner Country Coordinators (PCCs) at this meeting was over 90 percent. In addition non-member collaborating country representatives (Ghana, Ethiopia and Tanzania) and other guests representing donors, collaborating organizations and outside partners attended the meeting.

The main objectives of the meetings were to review the implementation of South–South programmes by member countries, to share experiences, strengths, lessons and good practices and to plan future efforts for south-south collaboration for reproductive health and population and development.

Capacity building sessions focusing on advocacy, resource mobilization and leadership for reproductive health both at country level as well as within the African region were held. PCCs found the sessions useful and acknowledged that these were crucial in enhancing their work.

Recommendations made from the 2008 meeting were that a country South-South taskforce or Deputy PCC should be put in place (with support of additional staff in-country), to build capacity for resource mobilization at country, network and regional level, have a communication strategy for PCCs and re-invigorate the Southern Africa Reproductive Health Advocacy Network (SARHN) and Western Africa Reproductive Health Advocacy Network (WARHN).

2007 PCC Meeting in Kampala, Uganda

The First Annual Partner Country Coordinators (PCC) Meeting for the Africa Region, opened on Thursday, September 27, 2020 in Kampala, Uganda. Ten PCCs, representing ten of the eleven African members of Partners in Population and Development (PPD) and four collaborating country representatives met in at the First Annual PCC Meeting for the Africa Region. They were joined by staff from the PPD Secretariat office, including Executive Director Mr. Harry Jooseery and partner organizations including representatives from UNFPA, the Hewlett Foundation, DSW, USAID/DELIVER, and Population Services International.

The meeting was hosted by the new Partners in Population and Development (PPD) Africa Regional Office, headed by Dr. Jotham Musinguzi, assisted ably by his staff and staff from the Uganda Population Secretariat, headed by Acting Director Mr. Charles Zirarema. The main objectives of the meeting were to review the strategic plan (2007 to 2011) for the PPD Africa Regional Office and to discuss future plans and efforts for south-south collaboration for reproductive health and population and development.

Download meeting report in English

Download meeting report in French